An unmet medical need…

  • Up to 15% of asthma patients and 25% of COPD patients – are unresponsive to treatment

  • ~50% of of long-term are discontinued in first year – inhaler compliance remains an issue

  • Side effects – current inhaler medications come with multiple side effects


COPD Asthma
Characterized by airflow obstruction
and airway inflammation
Characterized by episodes of airway narrowing in response to asthma triggers
Prevalence of ~16 Million in US Prevalence of 25.1 Million in US
Addressable market of ~4 M in US Addressable market of 2.5 M in US
133,575 deaths, 10.3 million physician office visits, 699,000 hospitalizations annually 4000 deaths, 12.8 million physician
office visits, 1.8 million emergency room visits annually

…A large market potential

Market Potential

~16 Million US patients with COPD

  • ~25% of these are candidates for AerWave Medical, Inc. treatment

~ 25 Million US patients with asthma

  • > 25% of the would benefit from AerWave Medical, Inc. treatment

~ 65 Million patients with moderate to severe COPD worldwide

Addressable Market

  • Addressable COPD market of ~4 Million patients in US
  • Addressable Asthma market of 2.5 Million patients in US

Data shows 84% reduction in hospital visits for COPD patients after lung denervation

There is a clear unmet medical need for interventional treatment